Scott is a non-binary artist based in Portland Oregon. Their practice is research driven, and spans photography, performance, dance, video, collage, and writing.  Their work explores the intersections between bodies and identities, attempting to challenge the binary separation between our physical bodies and our internal identities. They believe that bodies and minds are not separate entities, but rather symbiotic systems. Through their work Scott seeks to create spaces for self reflection, and self understanding. They believe that knowing yourself, and more importantly creating yourself, is the most powerful and radical act an individual can take to challenge systems of hegemony and supremacy.
Scott is a graduate of Central Saint Martins, with a BA in Performance Design and Practice, where they were awarded a Dean Award for their work “Somatic Meditations”. They are also a graduate of Siobhan Davies Studio’s Next Choreography Program, and a member of Siobhan Davies Studio’s Next Artist Collective. Scott worked as a Student Events Curator at the Royal Academy of the Arts from 2017-2018, and was selected as a Student Curator for the UK Student Exhibit at the 2019 Prague Quadrennial. 
Complete CV available upon request.